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Moving on to Crow, Oregon History
I've been having so much fun delving into the history of the Crow family who originally settled in the community of Crow in Lane County, Oregon, that I am considering working on a total history of the Crow area. Of course, if I publish it into a book, it wouldn't be as comprehensive as Sawdust & Cider, but it could contain what I can dig up on the early families and businesses in the area. It would be extremely difficult to get as much detail as we included in Sawdust now. So many of the people who lived in the days we now refer to as "history" have passed on. Frequently, family members didn't retain the stories that were told to them when their parents and grandparents wanted to share their beginnings. It seems to be common that the young don't appreciate their roots. It isn't until you get older that you begin to take an interest in those who lived before you. By that time, when you are ready to listen, there is no one to ask.

So, if any of you who read this are connected to the Crow area of Lane County and either have information or would like to help gather information, I'd be very interested to hear from you. I can be contacted at or you can write to me, Pat Edwards, at P.O. Box 50, Lorane, OR 97451.

2007-06-04 17:46:31 GMT
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