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Entry for February 2, 2007
Now that we've entered a new year, I'm able to concentrate on other things in my life besides "Sawdust." Sales have slowed to a steady trickle, as I knew they would, and I have put aside my information-gathering for now. I still get occasional phone calls and emails from those whose families the book has touched and I thoroughly enjoy hearing of their reactions to the book and getting the new stories and information that they have gathered through genealogy projects since September. Yesterday I got a call from Marta Russell Hanes who is a direct descendant of William Russell. She had just visited the S&C website and wanted to obtain books for both herself and her brother. She had some more information on the Russell family to share... clearing up my questions about why the Russells were buried in the Salem area. William Russell's first wife (before marrying Katie Cartwright) was Eliza Swegle. The Swegle's settled in Salem.

Then, this week, I got a nice email from Christine Gallardo who so generously provide the Petrie letters for the book. "
Everyone has loved the book! We read our family of course, first, and then have gone to read the is very interesting! It is certainly something we will cherish with the other family records we have. My children were tickled to find their names included:)"

So, I'm still basking in the warmth generated by knowing that the book is valued by others. That was my primary reason for writing it... to leave a record of the people and organizations and lives that have joined together to make our special little valley what it is for the future generations who wish to know more about it.

Keep those emails, letters and calls coming. I love every one!

2007-02-02 18:08:30 GMT
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I have been playing with google earth and my Garmin gps trying to pinpoint a location of the Jost D. Petrie farm. My Sister (Christine Gallardo that you mentioned above) has followed thru on more of our family history but I am very interested in someday making the trip to Oregon from Wisconsin (like J.D. did many years ago) and visiting the farm. It was 1,440 acres so we should be able to find it I would think. J.D. also owned the Siuslaw Grist and Saw Mill and I was hoping you may have some more info on where that was located?

Based on the description in the Illustrated History of Lane Co. Oregon the Petrie farm was located 1 1/4 miles north of the Cartwright Post Office (Mountain House Hotel) which was located at Territorial and Gowdyville roads. That should put the farm just south of Hing Lane on Territorial if I'm correct? Do you have any other insight into this?

Thanks for all your work on the history of the area and I am going to put your book on my Christmas wish list this year - hope I get my wish! I did see a copy of it when I visited my sister in CA last year.
--Wayne Petrie
2007-11-25 00:26:01 GMT
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