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Entry for September 9, 2006
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine;

A History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley

My book had its beginnings in 1987 when Nancy O'Hearn, Marna Hing and I decided to research the history of our small community of Lorane, Oregon. I was the writer of the group, so as we compiled the information, I put it into book form. We published it as Sawdust and Cider; A History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley. It was released in August, 1987, in conjunction with the celebration of Lorane's centennial. The origin of the name came from the timber and orchard industries that flourished in the area during the early part of the 1900s.

We sold over 1,500 copies of the book over the next 15 years. Once it was out of print, I vowed to do a major revision of it... adding the new information that had come in and bringing it up to date with the community's current economy. Since I was working full time, however, my plans to begin the project were postponed time and again. Finally, after I retired in 2004, I set as one of my goals to put together the revision that I had been planning. In January, 2006, I began it in ernest. Because both Nancy and Marna were experiencing major health issues at the time, however, they were not able to do any of the legwork, but were always there with their support and advice.

I literally worked on the book full time for the next 8 months... sometimes putting in more than 12 hours a day at my computer. I toured the new wineries in the area, writing major pieces on each of them. They became the focus of the "new Lorane," for they filled in the gap left when logging and lumber mills in the area all but vanished. Lorane is gradually changing its demographics from a sleepy little farming and logging community, to one rich in art and culture.

On September 3, 2006, with Nancy and Marna's help, we launched
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine; A History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley. We scheduled a book-signing event that day on Labor Day weekend. To honor Lorane's new economy, we visited each of the 3 Lorane wineries to distribute pre-ordered books, sell additional ones and sign them for the many people who came to support our efforts. We got to meet and greet old friends and watch as they immediately sat at tables to sip wine and begin browsing through my "labor of love." It was a completely wonderful and fulfilling day for us. The day was capped off by an invitation from Mr. & Mrs. Ed King, Jr. to join them for dinner at King Estate Winery where we had ended the signing. We were treated to an exceptionally wonderful meal (including dessert) that included lively conversation with the Kings, who are an extremely gracious couple and totally supportive of our efforts. King Estate is a magnificent addition to our valley.

We also want to thank Pamela Frye and Richard Boyles, owners of Iris Hill Winery, where we began the book-signing that day. Their beautiful new facility brought in many people from the area who had not had the chance to visit it until then. They were all quite impressed with the beautiful vistas and the peaceful setting.

Thank you, too, to Linde and Sharon Kester, owners of Chateau Lorane Winery for allowing us to greet appreciative visitors in their tasting room which sits above beautiful "Lake Louise."

Each of our wineries are unique and complement each other. And, each of the owners are "community people" who have made special efforts to fit within the community of Lorane and bond with its heritage and special flavor.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our day a very special one!

2006-09-09 17:53:51 GMT
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I liked the group picture, but was left wondering ... which one is Pat? :-)
--JimmyB, Charlottesville, VA
2006-11-03 21:15:40 GMT
Oh, and can you add a link to the Lorane site?
--JimmyB, Charlottesville, VA
2006-11-03 21:17:23 GMT
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